Essence of Japanese. Learn Japanese without a teacher

Dear Japanese-loving student! From my long experience with this beautiful language – by better understanding JAPANESE CULTURE and by chatting with so many smart Japanese visitors as an introduction to it, - I can say that this mentaltraining is a good way. At the same time, little by Little, you can enjoy the wide, rich and exquisite Asian world. Congratulations on taking a different approach to international communication. Remembering Japanese ideogramsis a different and not so easy process if you want to reach perfection; you can postpone it to a different level according to your ambitions. Practical Grammar is the best way to learn it. I can tell you that Professor Amano’s textbook is a very serious, experienced and easy way to speed up the process. As Japanese pronunciation is very similar to the Spanish one, you can memorize practical conversation sentences and be sure to be understoodfrom the very beginning.

Congratulations! Omedetô!

Professor Emeritus of Kyoto Gaidai(Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.KUFS)


Angel Ferrer Casals /The Order of the Rising Sun (旭日章, Kyokujitsu-shō).E IS